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Veterinary Referrals

What Are Veterinary Referrals?

The Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital understands that pet owners demand an advanced level of care. Your family veterinarian and the hospital working together, provide greater options for your pet’s health by ensuring you have access to specialized treatments and new technologies. We understand that you want thorough and knowledgeable treatment for your pet.

During daytime hours, the Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital operates as a specialist treatment facility, offering Veterinary Referral Services for pets.

We are pleased to respond to your animal care needs through the hospital’s veterinary referral practice and work to support your family veterinarian in your animal care needs.

How Does Veterinary Referral Work?

Referral treatment is available during daytime hours by referral only from your veterinarian.

Your regular veterinarian may diagnose your pet with a specific problem that requires a visit with a veterinary specialist. In this situation, you may be referred to one of the specialists practicing within the hospital’s specialist area who are qualified in critical care, surgery, neurology, internal medicine, cardiology, and ophthalmology.

Once your pet becomes a specialist patient, the specialist will keep your veterinarian updated on your pet’s treatment and receive copies of all medical information pertaining to your pet.

  1. If your pet is experiencing a problem, see your veterinarian.
  2. Your veterinarian will determine whether your pet’s treatment requires specialist referral.
  3. An appointment will be set up at the hospital during the day, Monday to Friday.
  4. If required, your veterinarian will send any diagnostics with you for the first appointment.
  5. The specialist will treat your pet and determine whether follow-up treatment is required.
  6. All diagnostics and information pertaining to your pet’s treatment are sent to your family veterinarian.

Urgent Referrals

For more information, please see our Urgent Referrals page.

Referral Forms for Veterinarians:


By Referral Only from your family veterinarian, please call for an appointment.

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Tel: 905-829-9444
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